The dating game has changed – adapt to the new rules

The game may have changed, but most of us are still looking for the same things – a meaningful connection, someone we are really connected to, and maybe – just maybe – real love and a serious relationship. Here are some things to keep in mind now that you are starting to think about a long term relationship.

5 Secrets Stolen from the Biggest Matchmakers for a Successful Appointment

A new generation of matchmakers has emerged in recent years. Considered as a response to current dating problems, these high-end services have a very high price (more than € 10,000) and are aimed at wealthy clients who refer to the lessons learned from behavioral psychology, in order to realize their meeting in good conditions.

7 tips on dating sites you need in your life today

Dating does not have to be difficult. Read these 7 tips to meet people who will change your life and help you find the love that will last: