Who said that celibacy after 50 years was a difficult situation? Not those who have already tried the new site “made by Meetic” for this age group. His name? Let’s say Tomorrow.

The codes of the dating sites have changed since their appearance, twenty years ago.

Now, more and more seniors are crossing the road and are seeking love through the internet. While some may regret the relative lack of romance in this approach, the formidable efficiency of senior dating sites like Tell Tomorrow has already won thousands of people in France and Europe.

DisonsDemain dating site.

Let’s say Tomorrow succeeds in the feat of proposing very well thought out functionalities without doing too much.

A little tour through the menu will guide you to the four major tools of the site: people online, the advanced search tool, the “shuffle” – which will regularly propose a selection of profiles, and the part devoted to events. Simple and efficient !

When you register on the site, it is clearly stated that it is intended only for people over 50 years. If you fill in a lower age, you will be invited to join Meetic. The selection is made from the outset!

Once your date of birth indicated Say Tomorrow will ask the city where you want to look for singles, as well as your username, your email and a password to you later connect to the site or application.

Once this first step is completed, you will have to answer a few questions to clarify your search as “Are you ready for a new relationship? Or to introduce yourself as “Do you have children?” Plan a good self-portrait to finalize your profile.


Let’s say Tomorrow being in the Meetic galaxy, there is no doubt as to its seriousness and safety.

The connection to the site is totally secure, which prevents malicious people from coming to spy on your activities. Another advantage of the site: profiles are regularly scrutinized and jokers and crooks quickly excluded to ensure the total peace of the users.

Packages and prices
For your first registration, you can take advantage of a 30-day discovery offer. By subscribing, you communicate with members without limit and will participate in meeting events near you.

Ease Of Use
The website of Disons Demain benefits from the countless tips of its big brother Meetic to propose an exceptional navigation experience.

Let’s say Tomorrow is easy to use in both desktop and mobile versions. We regret in passing the lack of dedicated mobile application for the moment.

In a completely intuitive way, you will be able to send personalized messages, “flashes” in one click that you like and a search functionality that is both clear and precise.

A real treat, even for users unfamiliar with dating sites!

Let’s say tomorrow: In a nutshell
Meetic strikes a blow by offering this offer online dating for people 50 years and older. Say Tomorrow will delight the tens of thousands of people who no longer support loneliness and who wish to do or rebuild their lives with someone their age, having their values..!


  • Proactively network client-focused
  • Monotonectally optimize goal
  • Professionally synthesize transparent
  • Distinctively restore front


  • Assertively morph cross-unit
  • Uniquely evisculate global
  • Efficiently embrace competitive
  • Dramatically pursue team building


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