eDarling is one of the largest online dating sites in Europe. Launched in 2009 by the German company Affinitas GmbH, which is also the owner of the Elite Rencontre website, the site now has more than 2.5 million users and is present in 25 countries. eDarling is for singles looking for serious dating in their area. Upon registration, eDarling invites you to complete a comprehensive personality test. It will serve to define the dominant traits of your character but also your lifestyle or your expectations of a relationship as a couple.

eDarling dating site.
The eDarling website offers an effective and relevant profile matching system that is ideal for singles thirty years and older. When creating your virtual profile, you provide factual information and the level of importance you place on each criterion. For example, when you enter your size, you can indicate whether the size of your partner is important to you. Once the test is complete, you already access the profiles that are compatible with yours. All profiles are manually checked on eDarling. This pledge of seriousness increases your chances of meeting real singles.

Chances of Meeting
The site highlights the quality of the meetings. This statement is confirmed by use and contributes to the general impression of seriousness that emerges from the site. Every morning, you receive on our eDarling messenger between three to five new profiles. To start the discussion, you can send smilies or messages using a list of customizable questions. You communicate freely with your interlocutors, and you know when they are online. These features greatly increase your chances of dating.

Your information is protected with the systematic encryption of your personal data. The eDarling service is available only in the French-speaking countries of Europe.

Packages and Prices
Premium Plus membership includes a number of useful features. In addition to identity verification, it allows detailed access to personality tests and a read receipt of messages sent.

Ease of Use
The navigation on eDarling is very intuitive and simplified. There is great interactivity among members, with very clear instructions at every step of the search. Updating your profile is fast and you can change your selection criteria at any time or add new ones. You can also set some profiles as “favorites” or block others. You can upload photos from your Facebook account, and resize these photos to your liking.

The online help section is very clear and we even discover new features in the questions / answers section. The questions you can ask yourself are grouped together in the form of very complete FAQs by topic. For any other request, you can send an email or contact the eDarling customer support at the price of a local call.

The eDarling site presents itself as a dating agency on the Internet. We find on the site the advice of professionals, and we appreciate the very professional approach throughout the navigation. We also like that eDarling is committed to a minimum volume of connections. With confidence, we love the friendly interaction between members, and we dream by reading the testimonials of those who have already found love with eDarling.


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