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Founded in 2001 by Marc Simoncini, is the must-have dating site in France, with the most active registrants. The huge number of members makes it almost impossible not to find some promising appointments on one of the best general dating sites. The search engine is simply superb, with a “general” part where you indicate your main criteria and a “secondary” part where you add “physical” or “lifestyle” type criteria. The new concept introduced by Meetic is Love Your Imperfections. No need to pretend to be perfect (e): the challenge of the site is to present oneself as one is, with its qualities and its faults. A real success so far!

Meeting dating site.
How to register?
The inscription on Meetic is free and remarkably simple. After entering a few simple elements of your search, just give your email to fill out a new profile. Everything lasts only a few minutes watch in hand! If you’re a bit confused, a chatbot (the robot that automatically cats) comes to your rescue in seconds. You will then have access to a considerable list of members who are likely to match you most, near you.

Ease of use
Created to satisfy the needs of the greatest number, it enjoys a disconcerting ease of use. The site offers a multitude of practical features that allow you to focus solely on your research, without wasting time understanding the interface. Everything is done to make your experience enjoyable and fruitful: with Meetic, we’re already a winner!

Meetic, a pioneer of dating sites, is a great gateway to the world of singles in France and even elsewhere in the world. This dating site is intended for a wide audience, from young adults to seniors. It is not uncommon to have up to 100,000 singles online at the same time. The private chat system is of high quality and the control of false profiles is particularly strict, which saves time.

Search functions
Thanks to its advanced search functions, Meetic is probably the site where the real dating possibilities are the highest. It offers quality assistance when looking for a partner and is available on mobile media. Recently, Meetic introduced a new concept: “Love your imperfections”. You can then indicate your (small) through which will perhaps crack your interlocutor, or at least, give him a good reason to engage the conversation. Finally, Meetic regularly offers “events”, that is events in real life, to meet members of its network.

Given the reputation of Meetic, every effort has been made to ensure full trust to users on the site. Security is guaranteed in terms of data protection, transactions, and respect for members, through moderators and easy-to-contact customer service. Moderators are also very present and quickly detect false profiles that would seek to scam members.

Packages and prices
In addition to basic subscriptions, you can subscribe to an Incognito offer for € 1.99, which allows you to view as many profiles as you want for 24 hours, without anyone knowing anything.
Mobile app
You can access most of Meetic’s features through a mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Wherever you are, you can, thanks to them, get to know a single person with a compatible profile that you liked with your smartphone, with ease. From now on, serious dating near you has never been so easy!
Meetic is the ideal meeting place for all those who are looking for real meetings. The numbers speak for themselves: According to Ipsos, there are 200,000 marriages and 60,000 babies born after dating Meetic since 2005. Join Meetic is, therefore, an effective way to find a soul mate!


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