The 7 stupid tips to quickly forget if you want a love that lasts

The 7 stupid tips to quickly forget if you want a love that lasts

When it comes to your love life, everyone is expert in the subject. While some tips are useful and supposed, so many others are stupid and you’re tired of hearing such nonsense.

Here are the 7 tips to ignore if you really want to meet love.

1.To be desired
The best part of a relationship is the excitement of the beginning, when you start to know each other.
But wanting too much desire will not lead you to a lasting relationship. Once the game is over, you may find the relationship disappointing.

2. Avoid dating sites as they “are only filled with men looking for sex”
Everyone has a disastrous story to tell about online dating. But we can not judge a site on a simple bad meeting. So do not listen to the bad experiences of others.

Try instead a site that focuses on stable and serious encounters. On Meetic for example, instead of spending your time scanning your screen, it offers games based on your preferences and your compatibility with singles that you have things in common.

3. Wait until it’s the man who takes the first step
The rules of the meeting have changed. Gone are the days when we waited for the man to ask us out with him or to watch a guy on the other side of the bar in the hope of getting his attention.

Women of power are 30% more likely to take the first step on a dating site and conversations initiated by them are more likely to end with a phone number exchange.

On EliteRencontre , which is a site dedicated to careerists who do not have time to scroll through thousands of profiles, women who send the first message are 2.5 times more likely to get an answer.

4. Find a partner who will admire you
It’s nice to have someone admire you and do anything for you. But in a relationship, this notion of superiority is not fulfilling, causing frustration and disappointment.

5. Never flirt with a colleague
Flirting at work is still a lot of fun. It must be admitted that it is nice to go to work and to be with someone who makes you crack. In addition, it would make exciting even the most boring job in the world.

6. Not having beautiful legs in the air, is not a valid reason to end a relationship
Sex is important! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Because if you are dissatisfied in bed, you will be dissatisfied in your relationship. So if your partner is sweet and sex is not his thing, it’s a good reason to stop this relationship right away before frustration sets in.

7. The perfect man does not exist
OK maybe the perfect man does not exist. But “the perfect man for you” exists. So do not settle for a mediocre relationship because you’re tired of being single. The man with whom you will spend the rest of your life is not that far away.

So forget about these old relationship tips, because the best way to fall in love is to ignore all these rules and trust your instincts. And if you need a little help, try serious dating sites like EliteRencontre .