The dating game has changed – adapt to the new rules

The dating game has changed – adapt to the new rules

The dating game has changed – adapt to the new rules

The game may have changed, but most of us are still looking for the same things – a meaningful connection, someone we are really connected to, and maybe – just maybe – real love and a serious relationship. Here are some things to keep in mind now that you are starting to think about a long term relationship.


1. Women also take the first step

A few years ago, during your first meetings, things worked in a certain way. You met a young woman who interested you and you found a way to go to her to talk to her … or you stayed in your corner waiting for time to pass.

Today, it is no longer an obligation for men to take the first step; women are less and less hesitant than before to do so. As a man, you should still expect to invite the girl to the first date, but do not be surprised if you are not the one who initiated the evening.

2. Trust mobile apps

Most dating sites now offer complete mobile apps that allow you to access all the features of the site anywhere, anytime.

EliteRencontre has also recently added the Missed Connections feature, which will notify you when a possible match has recently occurred in your neighborhood. This is the new world in which we live, the sign that today singles always have their phones on hand, and their dating profile online is always active and ready to be consulted.

3. Send messages is talking

The main form of telephone communication is now through messages – either via SMS, or Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. You’ll always be able to call if you really want to hear his voice, but these days you can rest knowing that you do not need to point out big talking points before making that first call – just send him a message and see what happens.

Many online dating companies include texting options, and with Meetic , you can even buy ” Meetic Coins ” and send a small digital gift instead of talking.

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